Chapter 5: Water without end

September 2022

Today I saw something I had no idea existed. The ocean! It was so beautiful that for a moment it made my heart skip. It was a similar feeling to when my human mum gave me my first gigantic bone. It’s something words cannot describe. Just something you don’t expect to see.

Chapter 4: The Magic Box

August, 2022

My human mum keeps telling me not to pull when we walk but I really don’t think she understands what it’s like to walk for someone like me, who lived in a cage for almost her entire life. I can’t help it but to get excited when I am walking, as so without thinking I pull… I love exploring but I know I need to try harder to control it and not be rude.

Chapter 3: Jimmy, my brother from different parents

July, 2022

Today I had a long conversation with Jimmy, my stepbrother. He is little but very powerful. I look up to Jimmy so much! He was tortured by bad humans and almost got killed in a meat market, but like me, with a miracle, he managed to survive. Jimmy carries many scars on his body from when he was tortured and is even missing a piece of his tongue.

Chapter 2: Working towards my graduation

June, 2022

My human mom keep saying I need to go to school and learn how to support humans in need. I think I can do that because I really like humans now, but I am not sure about all the exams. I mean… I don’t mind learning and working hard to give back, but I am kind of old…

Chapter 1: Four months in Doris' house

May, 2022

Today is 4 months since I entered Doris’ home. Life here is so different. Everyone in this house and around is very kind and relaxed. Different kind of humans from the ones I had seen before.